With The World Being Put Into Quarantine, Contrary To Popular Belief, Now Is The Best Time For Our Community... Here's Why…

From the desk of John and Jackie Melfi

With the pandemic sweeping across the world, our community is affected too.

Everything from not being able to go out and meet new people, play with some trusted playmates, or going to clubs… Everyone has been affected.

But… This is the best time for our community.

What makes us different is that we are quite good at being communicators.

The longer you’re in this lifestyle, the more you realize that communication is the key to everything.

So while you’re at home, whether you’re with a partner, roommates, or live by yourself... You can still build those skills up and use them.

And that’s why we’re actually going to be giving you a payment option that we've never done before on our World Love Summit online video interviews.

In summary, this is what we've put together for you:

  • You get 19 world-class experts in different areas of our lifestyle (meeting, communicating, attracting, playing, relationships, and WAY more)...
  • You can up level your skills by simply knowing more and practicing with friends, partners, roommates, and playmates (though I would HEAVILY suggest you use Zoom or Skype to have those types of sessions)...
  • Improving your skills (Communication, Relationship, Functional, etc - including confidence), means that when we’re all allowed back out to play… You’ll have an unfair advantage compared to how you are today.
  • Access to the audio version of the World Love Summit AND the Action Guides for you to download.
  • And much more...

Below, is the original letter we had written to you, but given the circumstances, we wanted to give you a heads up first.

Uncover What The #1 Online Love, Sex, Intimacy, And Relationship Summit Can Do For Your Love Life, Whether You’re In A Long Term Committed Relationship, A Seasoned Swinger, Consensually Non-monogamous, Single, Or Curious About It All…

If You’ve Ever Wanted To Explore Open Relationships But Felt Lost, Nervous, Or Just Didn’t Know How… Then Read Every Word Below To Why This Summit Will Give You Clarity, Confidence, And Everything You Need To Know... 

We’ve had an open relationship for a long time, and over that time, we’ve managed to coach people from all walks of life and situations, whether they’re single, a couple, curious about open relationships, or just looking to spice up your life.

It wasn’t always easy as living this lifestyle does help you grow in so many ways, but also isn’t right for everyone.  

It’s why we made sure that when we counsel the people we have, we make sure we do everything in our power to help them make the right decision for themselves.  

But, as you know…  

No matter how experienced you are, there are always areas that other people specialize in, so we recruited 19 of the best in their field and experience to come together and give their advice and share their expertise at a virtual conference we held online we called The World Love Summit.

But before I go into that, let us introduce ourselves… 

We are John and Jackie Melfi, and as we stated above, we’ve been in this lifestyle for a while and helped counsel thousands of couples, singles, and everything in between on whether or not this life is right for them and how they can become a part of the lifestyle.  

Over that time we’ve had some incredible stories and testimonials of marriages being saved, of people feeling like they are complete, and most importantly, of all the fun and love people have experienced.  

While this isn’t a new concept to many of us, there are some ground rules you aren’t given at the start that could make this journey way more fun for everyone involved.  

From our own experiences, we’ve had some incredible opportunities to grow, to trust each other, and to deepen our relationship.

Our goal has been to ensure that your experiences are pleasurable when you go out into our community.

Which is why, when we chose the panel of experts to bring in for the conference, we had to ensure they were the right people who could share with you their journey, as well as actionable steps you could take in order to experience…  

  • More confidence in who you are
  • An increase in your ability to communicate what you want
  • Be able to find the right people for you to bring into your life
  • If you’re single, how you could find the right couples and partner to play with
  • And so much more… 

This conference is geared to help you if...

  • You don’t know what to do once your partner has decided to allow you both to start seeing other couples or singles - how to make it happen quickly and with the MOST enjoyment...
  • You want to know how to find and attract that really HOT couple - even if you’re single.
  • You aren’t sure of where to find the right people who are open
  • What to say at a club that will open doors quickly (and what to avoid saying or doing) 
  • And so much more...

This conference goes into a lot of detail and I want you to truly immerse yourself in everything shared.

The reason why this conference was so successful is quite simple...

We get asked a lot of the same questions and there are a lot of factors, so we recruited some of the best experts in the world living this lifestyle to answer your questions for you.

Meet your experts. 

Introducing The World Love Summit Experts...

The best part…  

Each expert has given their time and expertise for you to truly benefit from their experiences and their knowledge.  

And the way we’ve structured this for you is that you can pick and choose exactly what you want to learn and apply.  

There are over 15+ hours of video that is designed to help you get the answers and advice you want and need.  

Each expert was incredible and shared their knowledge and experience to help you improve your love life.  

The beauty of what you’re getting is that you can actually go through this any time you wish.

It’s as simple as that.  

If you’re having an issue that is specific, say for instance… Not knowing what to say to a couple you want to play with.  

Well, you can look up Kenneth Play and after you watch it, you can head out to the venue and use what you just picked up.  

Or maybe you’re in a relationship and you want to start opening it up to multiple partners or adding another partner for you both…  

Well, you can watch one of the videos and you’ll start to understand how to communicate your wants and needs to your partner, all while listening to their wants and needs and finding a way to both get what you want.  

It’s as simple as that.

In fact, here's a walkthrough of all the speakers and what we interviewed them about for their topic.

Here are all the speakers and their topics...

  • Mr. & Mrs. Jones (We Gotta Thing) - Deepen Your Relationships
  • E (The Human Primate) - Understand Biology and You Can Understand You
  • Holli & Michael (Playboy TV) - Be Right With Yourself
  • Kenneth Play (Sex Hacker) - Being the (Single) Guy Who's Great at Sex
  • Taylor Sparks (Organic Loven) - Using the Right Products for You
  • Ying Ying (Swinger Travel) - Bringing Lifestyles Together
  • Tiffany Anton (Sex Therapist) - Learning to Enjoy All Aspects of Play
  • George Jones (SDC) - Being Open and True to Yourself
  • David & Carol (The Sexy Lifestyle) - You Are Normal
  • Tess & Bob (Naughty in N'awlins) - Guidelines Can Be Changed
  • Blac Cocoa (Cocoa's Pleasure Palace) - You Control Your Life
  • Diana Ryan (Life Coach) - Your Choices Are Valid
  • Richard (Kasidie) - Education Helps With Understanding
  • JonGunnar Gylfason (BDSM) - Roping For Pleasure
  • Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce (Clinical Sexologist) - Pleasure is a Birthright
  • Becky Fromm (Professional Cuddler) - Intimacy in Cuddling
  • Angie & J (Average Swingers) - Don't Change the Rules Halfway Through
  • Nikki & Daniel (Dirty Love Games) - Being Open and Transparent
  • Tim & Kira (Shrine BDSM) - Benefits of Going to Events

What some of our attendees have to say...

  • We love it when Jackie laughs!! We are new in the lifestyle and got lots of good advice and tips. We enjoyed all of it! - Sean
  • As a newbie, I liked hearing the stories that led the couple to the lifestyle and how they worked through their challenges. - Angie
  • I really enjoyed Mr. and Mrs. Jones talk about how they survived being outed at church and embracing the lifestyle. It was all great information and presented as a supporting environment for newbies to the lifestyle. - Amy
  • We liked hearing from the Average Couples and their experiences because it helps us be more prepared. We also liked the learning new things aspect from Kenneth Play who opened my eyes to how amazing it was to watch these special techniques and how they could really help. Thank you for putting it together! We liked it! - Tara
  • We loved people sharing their stories and how they overcame diversity and various thoughts and how they developed within the lifestyle. When I came into the lifestyle, it was a blessing finding y’all right from the beginning because it helped me process my own mindset and knowing that my direction and choices were and are normal. You gave me the tools to stop and think along the way to become mentally healthy and free in the lifestyle! - Daisy  
  • As a "newbie", you interviewed and chatted with so many people in the lifestyle. It amazed me that I thought the "lifestyle" was for crazed sexed manic people, but NO the lifestyle has "everyday" people who enjoy meeting people, forming friendships, and having a "wild" time in the bedroom! Again, new to the lifestyle so every topic was great! My head is like jello, so I am sure I will have questions. Thank you for putting yourselves "out there" to help the lifestyle be understood. I am forever a changed person because of the World Love Summit. - Andrea  
  • The variety was great. The information/education was delivered in a very personal and revealing way. Excellent!!! I enjoyed Jackie having light bulb moments along with me. You’re so down to earth and still open to learning. You’re great!  
  • The info was real and honest as well as informative. You two are funny and awesome. Thank you both so much! - Ed
  • I liked how willing you are to share this kind of information. Thank you!  
  • We learned so much about the lifestyle, and more! - Rose
  • I most liked hearing couples tell of their first experience with the lifestyle, how they got into it, and how they reacted. Really awesome for us because we’re new to everything. Thank you! - Roger & Debbie  
  • I'm a big fan of podcasts about the lifestyle because it’s helped me to gain more confidence edging into it. The video interviews were more personable than a voice coming through the speakers like a podcast would. We appreciate the efforts you all are doing to expand the lifestyle. My wife and I are very new to it all, so we enjoy listening to other people’s journey into the lifestyle - the good and bad experiences - and also the evolution couples go through. It’s been a slow journey for us, but my wife and I are excited about our adventure. - Mark and Ana
  • I really liked everyone's honesty and experiences! - Courtney
  • What’s great about the interviews is that they’re with REAL people. - John
  • I found it to be very informative, which is important because I’m new to all this. - Peter
  • I enjoyed putting a face to what I'm hearing when watching the video interviews. Also noticing the huge following of folks in the Lifestyle. Hearing how I am not alone with my questions and concerns. It was very easy to follow and put together well. You pretty much cover everything!  
  • I enjoyed the hosts and the depth of their experience that came through in the questions. On point!  
  • All the different topics were awesome. It wasn't all about sex. It was mental, emotional, primal and sensitive to the thoughts and safety concerns for a newbie like myself. I have always been a strong, sexually charged person and so has he but first and foremost we are nerds. Yep, I said it and yep, I'm proud of it. 😊 We like to learn and explore and take our time to make sure. We aren't immediately scared or intimidated because there are people out there who clearly love and enjoy it so instead of being afraid of what we don't know, we learn and then make decisions that are right for us based on that information. So thank you for having a wonderful site full of information, honesty and compassion. Keep up the good work. Whether we do or don't decide to join in this lifestyle, (no decision yet) we have learned so much about ourselves and each other and how communication and honesty truly do bring your relationship to a higher level. It's like armor for your relationship that brings you closer and closer. THAT is invaluable and you will always have my thanks for that! 💞 - Deanna
  • Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce and her video interview on “Pleasure is a birthright”. It was a VERY informative video. Thank you so much for interviewing her! - George and Madison
  • Thank you for what you are doing, helping couples to love each other more and for the rest of the world.. Your presentations are very professional and helpful. Keep it up the great job!  

So what's the investment?



That’s right for the simple, one-time investment of just $97 you get access to the World Love Summit Recordings. 

The reason we’ve priced it at $97 is simply because it’s fair.

And because of what's going on in the world right now, we want to make it easy for everyone to get involved and created a split payment option (2 monthly payments of $49).

Now, of course, you’re going to get your hands on some killer bonuses, but I’ll cover that in a moment.

$97 is just enough to ensure you actually go through these recordings and use them, but not so out of reach that you’d miss out on something valuable to your life.

To get started all you have to do is click the red button below where you’ll be taken to our secure checkout page and all you have to do is enter your regular details to complete your investment.  

Once you’ve done this, you’ll receive an email with how to get access to all The World Love Summit videos.

Get Instant Access

60-day money back guarantee…

You’ve got 60 full days from your investment to go through what we share, and apply it.  

Now, when you got through The World Love Summit recordings and you aren’t 100% satisfied by what everyone is sharing, or maybe you don't like the site layout, or anything, you can send us an email through our support tab in your members area and request a refund.  

We’ll happily refund you within 48-72 hours of your request, and we'll even part as friends :)

Bonus #1 - Audio Downloads

As we mentioned earlier, we have a few bonuses for you.

We understand that you're going to be busy and you don’t want to burn through all your phone data watching videos…  

So we’ve stripped the audio so you can download the MP3 audio directly to your laptop or phone.  

You’ll be able to listen to The World Love Summit while on your way to work or during your lunch break. 

You’ll never have to worry about service coverage as you will have it downloaded directly to your device.

This alone is worth $97.

Bonus #2 - Action Guides

But to sweeten the deal even more, you’re getting access to The World Love Summit Action Guides!  

The World Love Summit Action Guides are curated notes from every expert session.

These guides are an epic resource that reveal the top actionable tips, key takeaways and strategies you can implement straight away.

With our busy lives, the Action Guides are how you can save time while changing your life with all the amazing information revealed in the expert sessions.

The Action Guides are your shortcut to finding the gold nuggets in each expert’s session — in just a fraction of the time.

These are easily worth more than $297 because our team went through all the videos and took down the notes for you.

It's like having the CliffsNotes for the books you had to read when you were in school.

All while having the option to watch it far more in-depth or listen to the right speaker for you on the go.

This is the perfect bundle for you to springboard your love life into a whole new way of being.  

And be supported throughout your journey!  

So what are you waiting for?  

Do you want your questions answered, to find the right people to love, to fully experience polyamory and open relationships... Then all you have to do is click the red order button below…

You’ll be taken to our secure checkout page where all you have to do is enter your regular details and complete your investment of just $97 today (or 3 monthly payments of $33).

You’re getting access to over $600+ worth of value from leading experts in their field.  

These aren’t your regular presentations either!

Every Presenter on the Panel is Going to Bring The HEAT!  

No boring powerpoint slides full of bullet points to put you to sleep!  

We interviewed each presenter personally and asked the right questions so you could get the cold hard facts about what it really takes to be successful in this lifestyle!  

You’re getting Behind-The-Scenes Stories and Strategies from the Best Coaches in the World (avoiding all the costly mistakes and pitfalls we have made for you)...

Let’s face it, trial and error is the most expensive form of investment when in open love, sex and relationship encounters (not to mention it could become embarrassing).

Sometimes the emotional impact it has can be a huge deterrent but we have you covered on all aspects.

The coaches and teachers we’ve invited to the World Love Summit have lived through the exact experiences you will encounter on your journey.

Imagine being able to get all that knowledge ahead of time without having to go through the same pitfalls that could be easily avoided.

So click the red button below, and get started today.

Whether you’re curious about the lifestyle or if you just want to have more experiences, enjoyment, fulfilment, and happiness without all the pitfalls, the feeling of not knowing, or going through trial and error... The choice is entirely yours.

You’re covered by our 60-day money back guarantee...

So click the red button and get started today!

We look forward to seeing you inside.

Life fully, love openly, and as always, be happy.

John & Jackie Melfi

What more of our attendees have to say...

  • I am always cautious of new things. However, after watching some of the videos, which were very insightful and entertaining, you made me a fan, both of you and of some of the therapists. I loved the discussions with the various therapists, Diana Ryan especially. I believe in all aspects of swinging and I feel that more awareness is needed to help promote the sex positive lifestyles. You two are doing a great job and I look forward to meeting you both in person some day. You two are great! - Thomas
  • Thank you for what you are doing, helping couples to love each other more and for the rest of the world.. Your presentations are very professional and helpful. Keep it up the great job!  
  • Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce and her video interview on “Pleasure is a birthright”. It was a VERY informative video. Thank you so much for interviewing her! - George and Madison
  • We loved the variety of subject matters presented and your ability to develop the interviews naturally in a way that answered all my questions too. Thank you! - Pedro
  • We loved the stories and advice offered about forays into the lifestyle. Especially interesting for those like us contemplating about joining the lifestyle. - Richard and Ashley
  • I loved hearing people with open minds who are part of a community that can talk openly and simply be themselves. Just thanks, I think you 2 are great and inspiring :-) Aubrey  
  • I just loved everything! Each speaker brought forth important highlights to the table. Love, love, love! - Lauren  
  • I enjoyed how real and honest everyone was. The personal stories that are shared are awesome. It lets the rest of us know we are "normal" and ok. Thank you guys. I'm sure sometimes it isn't easy putting it all out there for the rest of us. - Shirley
  • The variety of speakers and the educational aspect to the summit were GREAT. Eric William was my favorite speaker. I thought I would have no interest in his subject matter but I loved every minute of it. So so interesting! I also really liked how your participants emphasized good communication and honesty. That's something anyone in any lifestyle could really benefit from. I really enjoyed the summit and I hope you do another one soon. Thank you!  
  • Discussions around the “difficulties” getting into the lifestyle is what I liked most because I struggle with many of the self esteem topics and really want to work through them to better myself and my marriage.
  • We got good information from the insight and studies done by the science done on biology and counseling. Bravo! 
  • I really identified with most of the people involved and love the message that seems to be forming inside me about how love and relationships and respect are really all that matters. I so love John and Jackie and would hope to have the pleasure of meeting with them some day. I have so much to learn about the Lifestyle but so far, fundamentally everyone I've met how's been great. I'm sure that there is always the odd circumstance that's not the best but I'm so happy for the work of people like John and Jackie and those that they chose to interview in the World Love Summit that are making a great change for all of us. I cannot force anything on my wife but I'm hoping that through listening 2 some of the people in this World Love Summit and talking with whoever she feels necessary to talk to they will be able to carry on with a good solid marriage and hopefully improve on it as I believe we're in that time where the kids moved out and things are all the sudden different. The bottom line is keep up the great work John and Jackie I will let you know if there's anything that you have uncovered that I need to know about but as a newbie I've got lots to learn! Thanks again. - Billy  
  • I loved the different perspectives and insight from open minded couples and individuals. I felt honored to hear such personal encounters and experiences, and they helped me feel more comfortable and inclined to explore the lifestyle. I loved it and the format worked great for me! - Regina  
  • The information itself was marvelous. Thanks for having this!!! - DJ 
  • All the different topics covered were fantastic, especially the conversation/q&a format with John and Jackie.  
  • This is such top notch material and we loved learning how to connect with other like minded people! - John and Alice  
  • After watching your video interviews, I found a lot to think about. I found many of the topics to be very informative in areas I hadn't even thought of. - BG
  • I’m just so excited that Karla (my wife) is willing to watch this all with me. She feels very comfortable with your approach and we’re one step closer 🙏 we’ve been married for 30 years and this a conversation we have had for 25 years and dang it we’re ready! I am a fan of what you do so please continue to put learning material out there! Thank you. - George and Karla
  • We really liked the sincerity of the people and the selection of educated, intelligent people for your interviews. It was also nice to have such a diverse selection of people that you interviewed. The information was very helpful! - Albert
  • You guys are super nice and genuine. LOVED Dr. Nancy and Tiffany, both knowledgeable professionals who gave us the real deal and had a proper audio visual set-up for interviews (we’re video production professionals lol) - Eileen and Jeremy 

60-day money back guarantee…

You’ve got 60 full days from your investment to go through what we share, and apply it.  

Now, when you got through The World Love Summit recordings and you aren’t 100% satisfied by what everyone is sharing, or maybe you don't like the site layout, or anything, you can send us an email through our support tab in your members area and request a refund.  

We’ll happily refund you within 48-72 hours of your request, and we'll even part as friends :)