World Love Summit – World Love Summit

Discover ​the secrets of the world's leading
love, Sex, and Open relationships experts

REVEALED: 19 leading experts in the swinger lifestyle and open relationships reveal their little-known secrets proven to transform your mind and lead you down a new path of sexual intimacy and exploration in the first ever online conference called the World Love Summit.

​Unfortunately, the event is over, but will re-launch ​in February 2020. Join the waitlist now to be the first to be notified when the event returns very soon.

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John & Jackie Melfi

John and Jackie are ​swingers ​and have an open relationship, and giving each other this freedom actually brings them closer, because they are genuinely enjoying it together.

Together, John and his wife Jackie have coached and counselled countless thousands in deciding if the open lifestyle is right for them. They help others by sharing their personal experiences and knowledge from what they have seen in the club. Today the Melfi’s share their time developing new clubs, coaching couples and singles, writing and serving as experts in the media.